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This agreement is a manifestation of a document that holds distinctive set of principles between USCODEC and an end client (“End User”) to offer different calling services. It is viewed as that all services offered by USCODEC to End User should be overseen by a few terms and conditions here. By enacting the Services of USCODEC, it is necessary for the USER that they are bound with these Terms & Conditions. By actuating the Service, you recognize you have perused and comprehended, and you concur, to the terms and states of this Agreement, and you identify with that you are of legal age to enter this comprehension and be bound by its terms.


It is important for USCODEC that all qualified clients can utilize its services whenever they need 24/7/365. Because of this reason, it is critical for us to verify the terms of value and dependability of our services, a Fair Use Policy is applied to all our services. We preserve the right to change the terms & conditions of this Fair Use Policy at whatever point it required.


Mode of Payments (Monthly, Weekly, and Daily)

The system of installment is exceptionally straightforward and simple everything relies upon clients that they can subscribe themselves for a month or for a more extended period as they consider fit.


Charging arrangement of USCODEC is free from various types of shrouded charges and blunders, as you accepted your month to month billing articulation for the services that hold all charges invoiced to your credit card.

Credit Terms

USCODEC give its services on terms of credit likewise, yet it is critical for the clients to first perused about these terms & conditions. Clients will get all relevant information from USCODEC whenever they need.

Trial Period

USCODEC offers a two days trial period to new clients for their first enrollment account. The Trial Period begins upon the purchase of our services. Regardless, if client needs to discount their cash then he needs to inform within a particular time with genuine reason.

Prohibited Uses

USCODEC obviously expressed that any movement causing disturbance in the services impact its trustworthiness specifically or by implication that is strictly restricted could bring about the end of the services.

Charging Costs

USCODEC may adjust the costs or rates of their services, if there is any change occurred in the tax strategy, and worldwide toll calling rates. Notice will be sent through an email and will be   highlighted on the site. Normally, our charges are clearly disclosed at our website to assist our clients to know it without any further exertion.


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